Our gifts baskets

13 years already! The concept of Les Paniers Cadeaux D'Elizabeth is a real success story based on winning ingredients: a higher level of quality and consistency of the overall experience for our customers.

We believe in this philosophy and know that it is the source of great satisfaction of our customers.
In this sense, we can not in any way compromise the quality of our gift baskets and service offered. The popularity of Les Paniers Cadeaux D'Elizabeth grew rapidly. Countless customers there are now worldwide.
Orders from other countries are shipped across Canada to quickly and efficiently in our beautiful gift boxes identified with the image of of Les Paniers Cadeaux D'Elizabeth.

The founders stop at every detail, color, texture and quality of products, presentation of gifts baskets and customer service. They design a variety of content meeting the demand of a diverse clientele.
Each new gift basket is carefully crafted. The company is a strategic growth rather than an aggressive expansion to retain the essence of its products and its consultancy service.
Les Paniers Cadeaux D'Elizabeth... impeccable professionalism.
At Les Paniers Cadeaux D'Elizabeth, we are constantly developing new products to bring you the widest choice of gifts to offer and have a wide variety of gifts baskets.

We are THE gifts baskets company in all Quebec!
Looking forward serving you !

Our suppliers

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